North Arrow Partners is a full architectural and general contracting firm specializing in innovative multifamily communities. From new construction to renovation upgrades, we approach all of our work—and partnerships—with technical mastery informed by sound principles and imaginative design.


You’re determined to see your community thrive. Think city pride. Strong local economy. And superb quality of life for everyone.

Let’s talk. Originally formed in 1999, we’re the go-to design-build firm for developers, municipalities, housing authorities and nonprofit organizations who desire inventive, creative, efficient, attractive, value-adding solutions to their housing needs.

Through extensive knowledge of structural systems and attention to detail, North Arrow ensures superior work built to last. We’re creative problem solvers at every step, taking into account everything needed to make your vision a reality, from building on ADA solutions to quality control. We’ll help determine which ideas are most feasible—and have the best shot at getting funded.