We anticipate obstacles, offer creative solutions and deliver the results needed, even when the pressure is on. Every time.

"Nothing is going to catch the team at North Arrow Partners off guard. They bring such a broad range of skills and knowledge: architecture, design, construction AND functionality related to the intended use of a space. They truly transform visions into reality. Plus they are an absolute delight to work with and remain so composed under pressure.”

Jim Haptonstahl
Executive V.P.
UCP Seguin of Greater Chicago

"North Arrow Partners helped us salvage a complex $12M deal that we would have had to pass on without their involvement. Because of multiple site issues in 3 different cities, it just didn’t look like we could make it fit within our financial model. They were able to present concepts that solved these challenges and brought it back in line and made it cost effective. They even went out as part of the team to build consensus at the political level in each municipality. "

James Roberts
Affordable Housing Consultant

"It was my distinct pleasure to work with North Arrow Partners on the Hope Springs living center for mentally disabled and economically disadvantaged populations in Springfield, Illinois. ​It is quite remarkable how Dulcinea helped this project come together so harmoniously, especially with neighborhood opposition and such complex financing.

Thanks to the help of Dulcinea, Hope Springs is now valued as a committed provider in an improving neighborhood and considered a vital health care institution in the city.”

​Michael Farmer, Director
Office of Planning& Economic Development
Springfield, Illinois