Case Studies

Project faces neighborhood opposition, complex financing; North Arrow Partners use strategic outreach to bring opponents on board.

Situation:  The Hope Springs permanent supportive housing project in Springfield, Illinois entailed multiple partners (including the City, SIU School of Medicine, State of Illinois, IHDA etc.) and several layers of financial structuring. It’s location in the Enos Park neighborhood – an area especially sensitive to this type of housing facility – left little hope that the project could overcome so many hurdles. and feasibility of the project was in jeopardy.

Action:  North Arrow Partners CEO, Dulcinea Gillman brought her decades of experience and established community relationships to the table. By means of trusting and strategic outreach, Dulcinea helped conduct diligent discussions among all parties. She appealed to the sense of community, demonstrating why the project would not only lift the neighborhood, but provide much-needed services to those most in need.

Result: Community opinion began to shift, and soon their opposition was dropped. Encouraged by the progress, financing talks also moved ahead quickly and the project received all necessary approvals.

Completed in 2013, today the facility is providing highly successful outcomes for the grateful individuals enrolled.​

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Knowledge of ADA compliance saves $200,000;

Rebuttal of plan reviewer’s interpretation convinces investor to fund project.

Situation: Funding and feasibility of the project was in jeopardy. The project developer, Evergreen Real Estate had their eye on renovating existing construction of 96 units, in Elgin, IL. However, the investor’s plan reviewer interpreted accessibility code in such a way that suggested it would only be partially compliant with ADA guidelines. This interpretation would make it virtually impossible to bring the building into compliance.

Action: North Arrow Partners principal John Cronin’s in-depth knowledge of the governing accessibility codes told him something wasn’t right. Upon thorough review of the code, John prepared a detailed point-by-point rebuttal showing how the investor’s review was flawed. John argued that the project would in fact be in FULL compliance as planned.

Result: Thanks to John’s detailed review, the investor was convinced that the proposed plan would not only meet compliance, but save $200,000, thereby ensuring viability of the project.

Funding was secured and today the property is renovated and occupied.